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You should never feel that your data is trapped inside of an archive. The Smarsh Data Management team is here to assist you with migrations, exports, audits and additional services so your data is of the most use to you.

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Data Imports and Migrations

Make your life easier by having all of your communications data in one archive. Our Data Migration Lab can harvest, restore, convert and process data from legacy archives and import this data into your Smarsh archive. Our experts can process more than 30 sources of data, maintain a full audit trail and chain of custody and complete message-level reconciliation on your data. During the migration process, we ensure your data is always secure with stringent controls for data storage and destruction, if needed.

Data Exports

Save your organization valuable time by leveraging Smarsh data export services. All customers have the option to export data themselves, however, our team is available for assistance with large, complex or time-sensitive export requests, such as regulatory audits. Customers can choose between standard, expedited or urgent data export packages for both the Professional Archive and Enterprise Archive.

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Value Added Modules

We’re here to serve you if you have custom tailored feature and/ or service requests beyond the scope of our current archive products.

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