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Supervision Offerings

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Assisted Review

Save time, money and headcount by hiring Smarsh Certified Professionals to review your communications and set up a customized supervision workflow. With this service, your team can focus on the communications that pose the most risk instead of getting bogged down with routine reviews.

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Supervision Architect

Receive expert guidance to design and build a supervision process that suits your needs. Our experts review your supervision workflow, queues, searches and more and make recommendations for process improvements. This service also includes customizing your baseline policies.

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Policy Tuning

Reduce the noise and false positives in your supervision queue and stay on top of new compliance and regulatory needs by optimizing your supervision policies. Smarsh experts ensure your policies are as effective as possible to reduce risk and save your organization valuable review time.

Additional Services

Smarsh offers additional supervision products and services, including a library of template supervision policies, platform assessments and consulting with subject-matter experts. Contact us to learn more.

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Smarsh has a variety of professional services to suit your organization's needs.

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