Transform oversight into foresight

Capture, archiving and oversight solutions that help you manage risk and unleash the intelligence in your electronic communications data. We build solutions that serve a wide variety of needs, from small teams to large global organizations.

Global Organizations

The Smarsh Enterprise Platform enables organizations to replace selective components or entire solutions for communications capture, analysis and archiving.

Small and Medium-sized Organizations

The Smarsh portfolio of communications and cybersecurity compliance tools enables small and medium-sized organizations to manage compliance efficiently and effectively.

With a focus on the needs of large enterprise organizations, this cloud-native solution is designed to future-proof your communications data strategy from capture and archiving to discovery, supervision and surveillance. Products in the Enterprise Platform are designed to work in conjunction to provide the best content analysis from electronic communications sources.

Whether you are looking to replace all or part of your existing solution, the platform is ready to solve your capture, archive, discovery, supervision and surveillance needs.

Capture and manage content from over 100+ of the latest channels, right from the source, with full context preserved

Empower your teams with an extensible, context aware, cloud native data warehouse built for scale

Meet regulatory requirements with the archiving solution with petabyte scale and elastic compute

Reveal risk, comply with regulations, protect against threats and safeguard your company’s reputation

Reduce the time, cost and effort of e-discovery for investigation and litigation

SMB comprehensive compliance and risk management

For small and mid-sized companies, the Smarsh portfolio of communications and cybersecurity tools and services delivers comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient compliance.

From capturing 100+ channels and your website – to archiving, supervision, discovery and cybersecurity – Smarsh has you covered.

Empower your teams with a simple, comprehensive compliance, supervision and e-discovery solution

Protect your organization with this unified cybersecurity and compliance platform

Secure your website history with a simple, secure web archiving solution

Consolidate business solutions and integrate seamlessly with Smarsh archiving platforms