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Simplify vendor security assessments intuitively and with flexibility

Vendor security is a critical component of meeting regulatory requirements and building a complete cybersecurity strategy.

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Privva is changing how companies assess vendor security risk

Working with vendors is crucial to your organization's operational needs. It's vital that the vendors you partner with can be trusted to access, handle and transmit your company's most sensitive information. Privva simplifies the vendor risk assessment process by automating the most resource-intensive parts of third-party risk evaluation and management.

Key Benefits

  • One Platform Does It All
  • Faster Assessment and Scoring
  • Remediate Risks
  • In-Depth Reporting
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Stay Informed

Privva does the hard work for you

Review vendors, manage remediations, create reports and more from a single cloud-based platform. Easily manage vendors that have access to business-critical data from one centralized database.

Increase vendor risk assessment efficiency up to 70%

Automate time-consuming tasks such as grading vendor assessments or creating follow-up tickets and contract clauses based on vendor responses.

Streamline risk remediation and management

Easily maintain auditable tracking of remediation plans and validation documentation.

Get real-time metrics on your vendor risk management program

Standardize your organization's approach to risk management by connecting teams with cross-functioning reports.

Customize workflows and methodologies unique to you

Privva is the most flexible solution on the market that can evolve with your organization. Customize risk assessments, vendor organization and scoring rules to meet your policies.

Monitor risk at every stage

Easily track progress, manage communications, and get updates on remediation throughout the assessment process.

Ready to automate your third-party risk strategy?

Complete your cybersecurity strategy by improving how you assess, evaluate and manage your vendor risk. Start a conversation with our third-party risk management experts today.

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