Reveal risk, comply with regulations, and safeguard your company’s reputation

AI-powered supervision and conduct surveillance

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What is Enterprise Conduct?

Enterprise Conduct enables you to identify risks and opportunities in communication. Typically implemented as part of supervision and surveillance programs, Conduct is the culmination of decades of expertise, development, and refinement. With a targeted approach to surface risk, anomalies and trends in your communications, Conduct improves your ability to meet global regulatory requirements for supervision and surveillance from FINRA, IIROC, FCA, MiFID II and more.

Key Benefits

Identify risks and opportunities in your communications

  • Surface true risk
  • Regulatory-grade AI
  • Preserve context
  • Expand your efforts
  • Augment & tune results
  • Voice & video

Surface risk and reduce noise with targeted, mature artificial intelligence

Enterprise Conduct enables you to surface risk in your supervision and surveillance programs, and do so efficiently using pre-built, mature, regulatory-grade machine learning. With Conduct, you get technology that has been used at the world's top banks for years — without the need to undertake the expense and uncertainty of building your AI from the ground up. Gain compliant productivity with Enterprise Conduct.

Tried, tested and trustworthy technology

Adopting AI to solve your compliance issues is an industry trend, yet not all solutions are created equally. At Smarsh, we've built, deployed and supported machine learning at the top banks in the world. Built using mature ML models, the new pre-packaged scenarios for Enterprise Conduct address your compliance and risk needs with the minimum amount of noise.

Gain more effective insight through context preservation

Capture and retain all your communications across 100+ supported channels in full, threaded conversational context in the Enterprise Warehouse for point-in-time visibility into entire interactions. This makes your review workflows faster and more effective.

Expand your efforts with Smarsh services

Whether you have a full team on-staff or are running lean and mean, Smarsh can help support your needs through policy tuning and workflow consultation. We can also augment your review teams with Assisted Review. Additionally, leverage our expert Professional Services Team to maximize the value of your policies with health checks and policy tuning to meet the specific needs of your firm.

Augment pre-packaged scenarios without retraining

With the Smarsh approach to artificial intelligence, adopting AI to meet your compliance needs is a predictable process. Machine learning models that have been used for years in production are the core of all cognitive scenarios. Each scenario can be augmented with filters and lexicons without retraining. The model review process is now more consistent, predictable and only need be undertaken when adopting an upgraded scenario.

Capture, transcribe and analyze voice and video

With your communication channels always evolving, stay on top of risk wherever it occurs through voice and video transcription. AI-powered natural language processing can help you identify risk even through obfuscation techniques of code-switching and mixed languages.

Ready to surface the truth in your organization?

Safeguard your organization with InfoSec-tested policies designed to meet your needs – natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and robust lexicons. Identify risks and opportunities in your communications data and transform your oversight programs into foresight.

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