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Collect electronic communications to bolster compliance and e-discovery outcomes

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Smarsh helps you capture and archive all of the business-related communications data from all of the channels your employees and clients want to use. Content is stored in its original format, with full context, all in one place.

  • Email
  • Mobile / text
  • Social
  • Voice
  • IM & Collab
  • Web


Email is the communication backbone of your business. Smarsh supports all popular email platforms alongside your other electronic communications. Any of your additional email-based content can be supported via our journaling function.

Mobile / Text

Mobile phones and text messaging are ubiquitous in today’s workplace and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. We partner with all leading carriers and BYOD solutions so you can embrace text messaging for your employees with the right system in place to govern it.


Social media is now a vital communication tool for your employees and customers. With Smarsh, you can empower your employees to engage with customers wherever they prefer, including the latest social channels. We support them all.


Capturing voice content has become a critical component of comprehensive risk management. Our end-to-end voice compliance solution securely captures, transcribes and archives voice content from virtually any recording system to meet your needs.

IM & Collaboration

Today's workforce has turned to mobile-friendly collaboration platforms for the rapid exchange of information. We support all these instant message records, along with valuable metadata, to help your organization stay productive and compliant.


Websites are updated constantly. To meet regulatory and legal needs, Smarsh web archiving instantly captures website revisions and activity without losing context or functionality. Web pages are securely archived in original format and easily accessible for e-discovery, regulatory requirements and ad hoc searches.

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