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You can't solve new problems with old technology

Technology is constantly changing. With an ever-evolving communications and regulatory landscape, the need for a cost-effective, scalable cloud archive that can ingest any form of content is the new imperative.

Learn how you can move from your existing archive to a cloud-based, multi-channel storage solution. The Smarsh Enterprise Archive Platform is built for control, extensibility and scale, with highly configurable policies and the ability to feed downstream applications.

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your legacy on-premise archive to the cloud-native Enterprise Archive
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Comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) between Smarsh and legacy on-premise archives requires knowing many variables—software and hardware maintenance, data storage, professional services and IT costs, as well as HA / DR expenses. This tool uses independent industry benchmark data to evaluate the total cost comparison.
3-year cost savings of moving your on-premise archive to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive
Cost Saving
Legacy Archive
Enterprise Archive
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Key data migration & consolidation challenges


Our Solutions

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive is designed for today’s communications

  • Content is preserved in full conversational context
  • 100+ modern communication channels supported
  • Cloud native to deliver unsurpassed availability, scale, and geographic flexibility
  • Meets the most demanding data security, privacy and compliance requirements
  • Can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure
  • Archive is triple-active and hosted across three availability zones for maximum reliability

Fully managed migration services

  • Smarsh Data Management provides fully-managed data migration services using best-in-class current technology
  • Improves project predictability and accuracy
  • In-depth, hands-on expertise migrating self-hosted and on-premise archives
  • Full audit trail and message-level reconciliation
  • Meets stringent regulatory compliance mandates

Sophisticated supervision & streamlined discovery applications

  • Smarsh Enterprise Archive ensures all communications data is stored in a single location
  • Integrates seamlessly with advanced Discovery and Supervision applications
  • Enables efficient, iterative searches across a single archive

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive is built for data portability

  • No-cost self-service data exports from the Smarsh Enterprise Archive
  • Smarsh Data Management Services can provide full-service data migrations
  • Multiple types of migration assistance available upon request

Inertia has a cost 

  • Legal, compliance, and IT stakeholders leverage archives for critical workflows and may be resistant to change
  • Learn how to address common objections in our Cost of Doing Nothing guide.

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