Mobile Compliance

Empower your workforce to do more without compromising on compliance.

Smarsh for mobility

The number of employees working remotely is on the rise. This means voice, text and mobile-tethered apps are in high demand to keep productivity up. The world is changing and, with it, organizations must change too. However, this doesn’t need to come at the cost of an increase in legal or risk exposure.

Smarsh partners with leading national and international carriers and other companies to capture voice, text and multi-media messages directly from the source. Whether you offer your workforce a company-owned plan or not, we’ve got you covered.

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Key mobility challenges


Our Solutions

Capturing voice and text in a Bring Your Own Device ownership model

No matter what type of devices you decide to allow or how regulated your industry is, Smarsh has a solution to meet your needs.

Enabling content capture in conjunction with Mobile Device Management solutions

Are resource constraints or product incompatibilities forcing you to choose between security and regulatory compliance? With support for a range of MDM solutions including Mobile Iron, AirWatch and XenMobile there’s no need to be divisive.

Enforcing communications policies on mobile-tethered apps

Mobility isn’t just about voice and text anymore. Apps that require a mobile number to send and receive messages like WhatsApp and WeChat are in high demand and increasing in popularity. With Smarsh, you can give your clients what they want without increasing your risk exposure.

Sending captured content to any archive

The full benefits of Smarsh Capture are realized when your content is sent to the context-aware Smarsh Enterprise Archive. However, we can send your content to any archive, application or data lake.

Capturing communications for compliance

It’s not just what you capture that matters, how you capture it is also critical. All content is captured at the source in an immutable, compliant format, which satisfies the broadest range of regulatory requirements.

Capturing voice and text in a Dual-SIM card ownership model

This unique ownership model allows you to use a company owned plan without the cost and hassle of a separate device. Bring your organization to the next level through our partnership with Vodafone.

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