Reduce the time, cost and effort of e-discovery for investigations and litigation

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Simplify your e-discovery process

Identify and preserve relevant content, initiate granular legal holds, conduct first pass review, and export all your electronic communications data on-demand with a discovery solution purpose-built for regulated and litigious organizations.

Key Benefits

Drive efficiency and reduce costs in e-discovery data management

  • Capture with context
  • Powerful search
  • Case management
  • Fast legal holds
  • Tags & filters
  • High speed exports

Capture all relevant communications with context

Identify, preserve, review, and export all your electronic communications data from 100+ channels on-demand. All your content is indexed for search, retained in its natively captured format with context, making reviews of long back-and-forth communications such as texts and instant messages simpler, faster, and easier to locate.

Lightning-fast search results

No more waiting for days only to get results that are too broad, incorrect, or unusable. View your search results quickly and review everything in full conversational context. Use fast, iterative searches to quickly reduce large volumes of data, and identify and act upon the relevant communications.

Transform your case management process

Filter large communication data sets quickly down to a manageable size, ensuring a more efficient process of selecting and reviewing the relevant messages. Whether you are reviewing in-app or exporting for further analysis in third party tools, reduce time for collection, review and subsequent legal action.

Quickly apply legal holds to custodians

Quickly place an unlimited number of legal holds across all your captured content sources. All associated communications are protected from deletion and automatic disposal processes. Compared to other solutions that can take days to place holds, Smarsh Enterprise Discovery legal holds are implemented almost instantaneously.

Apply tags and filters for efficient and thorough review

Surface relevant content and enrich with tags for further downstream legal review. Quickly reduce volume and export relevant data from the Smarsh Enterprise Warehouse for use in third-party legal review applications, or continue your legal reviews in-app.

High-speed data exports

Ensure your end users and downstream legal review solutions get your data in seconds. Download up to 6.5TB of content per day in real time in multiple formats, including EML, MSG, CSV, PDF and PST. Or, transfer data via secure FTP.

Ready to transform your e-discovery workflow?

Choose the solution designed to meet the complex e-discovery needs of large, global organizations with extensive volumes of data. Integrate seamlessly with the Enterprise Warehouse and Enterprise Archive, ensuring efficient data preservation, review, tagging and export.

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