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Legal teams need to be able to quickly and easily produce electronic communications content for time-sensitive litigation and regulatory requests, internal investigations and audits. In today’s business environment, this data needs to be pulled from a wide array of communications channels, including instant messaging platforms, collaboration tools and social media – not just email. Without the right technology solution in place, these discovery searches are expensive and resource intensive, with organizations needing to pay much more for e-discovery vendors and legal fees.

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive and purpose-built, integrated Discovery applications offer legal teams a more efficient and effective approach. Rather than having to manage multiple siloed archives for different data, Smarsh customers have all of their archived electronic communications centralized in one place with universal search, policies and data production capabilities. All electronic communications content is stored in the archive in full context, making it easier to organize and cull. This enables more informed strategic decisions during early case assessment. Powerful search and contextual review help reduce risk, cost, and the time needed by litigators to review cases. Smarsh provides its clients with the ability to control the total cost of managing large volumes of data, providing a highly secure, defensible and auditable workflow across all electronic communications.

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Key challenges facing legal professionals


Our Solutions

Comprehensive capture


Smarsh supports the largest capture coverage in the industry, enabling you to ingest data from over 100 communication channels. This includes the most widely used email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms. We are constantly adding support for the latest and most popular channels. Content is captured in its native, unaltered format with its original conversational context intact. Beyond the 100+ channels that we support out of the box, customers can also capture and manage custom networks and channels using our APIs and SDKs.

Archived content is automatically indexed with unified user identities across all communication channels. This provides high visibility into disparate communications, making for easy search and case creation. Our solutions ensure that customer can confidently meet regulatory obligations from FINRA, SEC, IIROC, FCA, GDPR and MiFID II.

Streamlined discovery

For most businesses, effective and accurate e-discovery processes are expensive and resource intensive. Outdated and siloed systems are no longer fit for purpose and require vast amounts of manual review. Modern businesses need technology that can automate processes, streamline data storage, and cut costs on legal fees.

The Smarsh Discovery App offers a more efficient e-discovery process, resulting in a 40-60% reduction in data volume sent to downstream legal review. Our solution makes collecting, preserving, reviewing and exporting content across all communications channels fast and efficient. This enables you to reduce risk as well as legal costs.

Advanced search and export

Legal teams face complex and constantly evolving pressures from regulatory bodies. This means that producing specific data for investigations needs to be swift, easy and thorough.

Smarsh archiving solutions have advanced search capabilities that allow you to zero in quickly on what you're looking for in your archived data. Content can then be packaged and produced on-demand without hassle. Our solutions support multiple export formats, enabling you to extract relevant data and send it to regulators or other end-users in the format they require.

Advanced data analytics

The Enterprise Archive allows customers to access open APIs and connect with the latest third-party analytics and artificial intelligence applications. This enables legal teams to unlock the value of their communications content, harnessing it to help drive business strategy and improve governance standards.

Built-in legal hold

For collected items during early case assessment, legal holds can be managed for the entire custodian mailboxes, or in combination with content filters. Once items are under hold, they are preserved immutably and suspended from any normal retention policies/schedules. This stays in place until the hold is lifted by legal staff.

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